Nanomat 4 and Cappilary Dispenser

Nanomat 4

Nanomat 4 and Capillary Dispenser

Nanomat 4 and Capillary Dispenser

The Nanomat 4 serves for easy application of samples in the form of spots onto TLC and HPTLC layers, precisely positioned and without damage to the layer. The actual sample dosage is performed with a disposable capillary pipette, which is precisely guided, thus ensuring that the chromatogram can be scanned automatically according to a programmed pattern.


The Nanomat is suitable for:

  • Conventional TLC plates including self-coated plates up to 20 x 20 cm
  • HPTLC plates 10 x 10 cm and 20 x 10 cm
  • TLC and HPTLC sheets up to 20 x 20 cm

The Capillary pipettes are loaded into the dispenser in magazines. Capillaries of 0.5, 1, 2, and 5 µL volume are available. Each capillary size requires an appropriate dispenser magazine. With the Universal Capillary Holder capillary pipettes are taken from the dispenser, filled with sample solution and then placed against the applicator head of the Nanomat 4.

Ordering information:

022.4730: Nanomat 4, without capillary pipettes and holder

022.7655: Capillary Dispenser, without capillary pipettes and holder

022.7786: Universal Capillary Holder

022.7660: Dispenser Magazine for 0.5µL capillaries

022.7661: Dispenser Magazine for 1.0µL capillaries

022.7662: Dispenser Magazine for 2.0µL capillaries

022.7665: Dispenser Magazine for 5.0µL capillaries

022.7770: Disposable Capillary Pipettes 0.5µL, on belts, pack of 5×100

022.7771: Disposable Capillary Pipettes 1.0µL, on belts, pack of 5×100

022.7772: Disposable Capillary Pipettes 2.0µL, on belts, pack of 5×100

022.7775: Disposable Capillary Pipettes 5.0µL, on belts, pack of 5×100

022.7650: Capillary Dispenser complete with Universal Capillary Holder 022.7786, one Dispenser Magazine 022.7661 for 1µL Capillaries and one pack of 5×100 Disposable Capillary Pipettes 1µL 022.7771


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