TLC Sprayer



TLC Sprayer

The TLC/HPTLC Sprayer consists of a charger and a pump unit with two kinds of spray heads. Spray head type A is for spray solutions of normal viscosity, e.g. lower alcohol solutions; spray head type B is for liquids of higher viscosity, e.g. sulfuric acid reagents.

Key features of the TLC/HPTLC Sprayer

Easy to use, with electro-pneumatic spray function
Formation of fine aerosol with particles of 0.3 to 10 ┬Ám
Homogenous distribution with low reagent consumption

Ordering information:

022.6530: CAMAG TLC Sprayer comprised of charger unit, pump unit with bottle clamp and connecting tube, one each spray head type A and B, one each reagent bottle 100 mL and 50 mL with cap

022.6535: Pack of 5 spray heads type A and 1 type B

022.6538: Pack of 6 spray heads type B

022.6536: Reagent bottle 100 mL with cap, pack of 6

022.6537: Reagent bottle 50 mL with cap, pack of 6

022.6539: Service kit for TLC sprayer containing 2 compressed air connectors, 5 gaskets, 3 changeable filters, 1 bottle holder


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