TLC Scanner 4

TLC Scanner

TLC Scanner

TLC Scanner 4

The TLC Scanner 4 is the most advanced workstation for densitometric evaluation of TLC/HPTLC chromatograms. It can also be used for densitometric measurements of other planar objects.

All functions of the scanner are controlled by the software visionCATS.
Only the positioning of the object to be scanned is performed manually.
If desired the operator can switch on the internal illumination to control or adjust the scan start position.
Optimal settings for electronic amplifi cation are automatically selected for measurements in absorption and fl uorescence mode.

Perfect evaluation with visionCATS

The well structured and easy to use visionCATS software controls and monitors all functions of the scanner and processes data up to the final result.

The visionCATS standard program for the TLC Scanner 4 features:

  • Short measurement times
  • Measurement of up to 36 tracks with up to 100 substances per track
  • Integration either with automatic or manual baseline correction / peak assignment
  • Automatic or easy manual assignment of substance names to peaks
  • Automatic recording of spectra of all detected or selected peaks
  • Printout or export of color graphics of measurement data
  • Report printout of the entire analysis including all measurement data and images of the TLC/HPTLC plate

Key features:

  • Measurement of reflection, either in absorbance or fl uorescence mode
  • Object formats up to 200 × 200 mm
  • Spectral range from 190 to 900 nm
  • Automatic start of all lamps: deuterium, halogen-tungsten, and high pressure mercury lamp
  • Data step resolution 25 – 200 μm
  • Scanning speed 1 – 100 mm/s
  • Spectra recording speed up to 100 nm/s
  • Automatic selection of electronic amplifi cation
  • Rapid data transfer

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027.6200  CAMAG TLC Scanner 4


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