Problems caused by moisture can have a potentially huge cost impact on every individual pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation

Problems that extend R&D timelines, arise during manufacture or affect the shelf life of packaged drugs can impact from tens of thousands for the smaller company to tens of millions in costs for the global organisation

Relequa’s method of moisture profiling analysis gives real time data previously unavailable, at temperatures experienced in the local environment. This provides much more relevant information on the behaviour of materials and how to overcome the problems that moisture causes

Relequa has the capability to save the enormous costs that moisture
problems cause in the industry by providing both pre-emptive and
problem solving novel data about moisture’s interaction with materials

  • Saves time and cost over currently used methods of investigation
  • Gain a new insight to solve moisture problems more rapidly
  • Generate moisture profiles for Tablets, Capsules, Gels, Creams and Liquids
  • Easy to use and “intuitive “ software