LCTech offers a broad product range around sample preparation.

It is their goal to facilitate your daily routine in the laboratory with high quality semi- and fully-automated systems and devices as well as with useful and cost effective consumables.


FREESTYLE™ Robotic System

Automated Sample Preparation

The FREESTYLE™ system is a fully automated sample preparation system and is used in nearly all areas that demand intensive sample preparation. This applies to food and feed samples, environmental and pharmaceutical samples, to drug screening and many other areas.

The advantages:

  • Always the same precision
  • Always the same speed
  • Always the same reliability
  • Always a calculable throughput

Day and night and even over the weekend.

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Automated Sample Preparation in Dioxin and PCB Analysis

Sample preparation is one of the most elaborate and time-consuming process steps within dioxin and PCB analysis. Easy-to-use and at the same time reliable automation makes your work in the laboratory much simpler.

The LCTech System DEXTech™ is suitable for sample preparation for all types of dioxin and PCB analysis.

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